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  • IRC files and how they relate.
  • PC2TV conversion. PC on TV / VGA to television.
  • Flicker Free Video through and PC overlay.
  • Simple Solution and HDTV.
  • Working with On -board IR. CPU's and PDA's.
  • My Custom Desktop and Virtual Desktop Resolutions.
  • Display time out settings and transparencies. 
  • IR Handling  the EasyIRC compiler.
  • Tips and Trick on capturing IR. 
  • IR Editor and Smart IR.

Simple Solution 

Visit our Technical Library and read how to Get Started with the Simple Solution. We have the largest database of remotes. Before you start programming, please read the Application Style Guide to learn how to create more user-friendly and multi user .irc applications. Be sure to follow the Top 10 Usability Guidelines for READYWARE Applications to avoid the most commonly encountered usability problems. Use READYWARE's Developer EasyIRC 1.1 compiler with the Simple Solution to test your applications in its audio and video environment. Our Upload Server is open to all registered READYWARE developers. Visit the UPLOAD section for more information on creating and managing your account.

Nomad CTS

To learn more about NOMAD CTS Application, please visit the NOMAD Forum. Nomad Outgoing and message handling. Tips & Tricks using nomad. Nomad Bell/Box Tones call fetchers and support. Telephone answering machine software and your PC.




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